Here are the top users from the first batch whom we have gratified for their support (and have not opted out to remain anonymous):

name speakinglearning prize received
Veronica Piutti ItalianEnglish celtic calendar
Hristiana Tomova BulgarianGerman italki voucher
Nevena Dobreva BulgarianEnglish flowers
Nadezhda Ivanova BulgarianEnglish italki voucher
Maia RussianEnglish Amazon voucher
Hristiana Tomova BulgarianGerman Amazon voucher
James Hill EnglishKorean DVD with a Korean film

Dear Lexicum users,

First of all, we build this product for you. It doesn't mean that we don't use it ourselves but the main reason Lexicum exists is that it helps the worldwide audience to improve language skills.

Many of our users (or better say friends) are using Lexicum despite its imperfections. Please be aware that the intensive use of Lexicum by any friend is the only thing that keeps us going with the project for now.

By friends' rate of use we find out how much value we give to the wider audience of language learners around the globe.

The more intensively Lexicum is used, the happier we are, and, of course, the harder we try to improve it.

The support you provide only by using Lexicum means a lot to us. So, here is our way to say THANK YOU.

Every week we are trying to give a small but useful prize to the one who have used Lexicum most intensively. The prize can be physical or virtual, whatever we find appropriate, so sometimes we might ask you for some personal data (like delivery address, for instance) in order to send you over something you may use in your daily language practice.

Of course, filling such personal information and receiving our prizes is optional, and we have included an opt-out checkbox for the shy ones who don't want to be praised publicly.

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