Monday 30 June 2014

Use your dictionary interactively

Lexicum makes it easy for you to search for words interactively. You can find translations, not only of the language that you are learning, but also in your native language. With this, the dictionary is useful, not only when you want to understand what something means, but also when you want to learn how to say something new.

Thursday 26 June 2014

1st Prize at the Language Tech Summit

Lexicum is on a winning streak! After winning at the Balkan Venture Forum we now took home the 1st prize at the European Language Technology Innovation summit. The event was superbly organized, the competition was pretty solid but we still managed to stand out and were awarded the top prize by Paul RĂ¼big, a member of the European Parliament.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Make the most out of Lexicum with keyboad shortcuts

Lexicum is all about making the process of learning vocabulary smooth. We are not trying to impose a tool-centered way of learning words - we just provide a tool that fits in your learning process seamlessly. With Lexicum you get rid of the more mundane tasks and get more time for what matters the most: experiencing the language. Thus, we've added comprehensive keyboard shortcuts to automate more tasks and spend even less time on tools. Here is the comprehensive list.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Vamoooooooos! Lexicum update with new look and Portuguese for the world cup

Once again the world is gripped by the football fever and all eyes are set on Brazil where the top 32 teams in the world will contest the most prestigious title of all. At the same time, Lexicum releases a major facelift, including adding Portuguese to our list of supported languages.

More than 3 million will get immersed into the unique vibe at the stadiums and probably up to half a billion will watch the games on TV, some of them - at very awkward times. In Europe most games will be at reasonable times, only occasionally going past 2am - but believe most employers will tolerate mild delays due to football fever on the previous night; Lexicum, for one, surely will!

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Lexicum releases a native iPhone app

As you all know, Lexicum started as a desktop web site but we've known from day 1 that the smartphone is going to be a key platform for learning vocabulary. Thus, mobile apps have been central to our vision and we've had a mobile web app since March. We have now backed this with native app which will provide for a smoother experience for iPhone and iPad users. If you own any of these devices feel free to give it a try: