Sunday 9 February 2014

Lo and behold, the Lexicum waiting list is open

The Lexicum team has just set out to change the way the world learns vocabulary. We look forward to exciting times ahead and we'd like to share some of our adventures with you. In this new blog of ours we'll post news about our progress, we'll be sharing stories from the London startup scene, we'll be posting about exciting technologies - and also about the long and hard road towards second language acquisition.

But first, let's start with what have we been up to so far. The Lexicum idea was born in August 2013 and development started in October. We incorporated in December 2014 and soon thereafter joined the Emerge Education family, about which we'll be posting in more detail soon. We're in the process of acquiring seed funding by a group of renown British investors - but let's skip the details until the deal is settled.

Another exciting development is our new team member - Volker Hirsch - as a board member and advisor. We're delighted to welcome Volker into our ranks as he brings impressive experience. His exciting career path started in law, grew into mobile entertainment and landed in the edtech startup scene. Volker knows several leading national markets inside-out. He has worked with big names like Blackberry and Mobile Entertainment Forum, but also is in the heart of a handful of tech startups.

Now back to our product - we're sure that you're wondering where things stand at the moment. We're happy to report that our waiting list is now open to subscribers willing to try Lexicum before anyone else. The product is functional and already combines its key capabilities - looking up words, storing them in personal vocab book and reinforcing with spaced repetition. It still lacks some features that we'd love it to have though so we're for now keeping it closed to all but a few of the most enthusiastic users.

“OK - but what next”, we hear you asking. No problem, we'll give you a heads up - we don't like to keep secrets. Something that we're working on are mobile apps - for all platforms! We know that nothing beats having something productive to do while waiting for the bus. Another interface that we believe you'll find useful is our browser plugin which will let you look up words without leaving the article you're reading - soon, you'll no longer need to keep a separate browser tab with Google Translate. And of course we'll be working hard on polishing the desktop web version so it's ready to be released to general public in a month or so.

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Wanna help? Here's how:
  • If you haven't joined the waiting list - do so now (via our homepage)
  • already a user - add new words, practice. Vocabulary's not gonna learn itself
  • spread the word! share on your procrastination tool of choice:

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