Tuesday 8 April 2014

Weekly vocab awards

User activity on Lexicum has been growing steadily. By using Lexicum people are not only working on their vocabulary, but are also providing us with insights of what works well and what could be further improved in our web app. We want to say 'thank you' to everyone that helps us develop an even better product.

As a way to do that for every week till the end of April we are giving away one award to the most active learner that week. The way we determine the winner is counting the newly added words that were exercised. This means that every Monday we count the words that were added in the last week. A word counts for the purposes of the competition only if you have already reviewed it in your quiz.

Now we can announce the winner from the last week of March (24th-30th). Our sincere gratitude and respect go to James Hill, a student at Eton College in England. James is using Lexicum for his Korean. He did the quiz for 117 of the words he added that week. We admire James's language learning rigour and we are in preparation of an exciting (so far secret) award for him.

Of course, we already have a winner for last week (31 March to 6 April). There were a few close contendants, but the clear winner had 48 added and exercised words. We are now contacting the winner so that we can know how to announce them.

However, don't waste time waiting for winners and awards to be announced. Join in. There are so many exciting opportunities - don't miss them.

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