Wednesday 18 June 2014

Make the most out of Lexicum with keyboad shortcuts

Lexicum is all about making the process of learning vocabulary smooth. We are not trying to impose a tool-centered way of learning words - we just provide a tool that fits in your learning process seamlessly. With Lexicum you get rid of the more mundane tasks and get more time for what matters the most: experiencing the language. Thus, we've added comprehensive keyboard shortcuts to automate more tasks and spend even less time on tools. Here is the comprehensive list.

The shortcuts below are split according to screens:


  • alt+f - focus on lookup to enter word
  • left/right - switch pages in your word list
  • alt+q - go to quiz
  • alt+e - edit word meanings
  • escape - cancel popup or edit
  • enter - confirm or save


  • left/right switch words
  • space - flip flashcard
  • 1 - rate word as easy
  • 2 - rate word as fair
  • 3 - rate word as hard
  • 4 - rate word as don't know
  • backspace - go back to dashboard


Shortcuts accessible from the entire app:

  • alt+h - go to help
  • backspace - go back to dashboard

If you are one of our more active users, with hundreds of words in your wordbook, then we'd love to hear from you how we can optimize the process to be even easier and to make it take even less time to enter and review words. We hope that adding these keyboard shortcuts is a step in the right direction, and we're keen to add more - so don't hesitate to let us know if you have an opinion on this, either in the comments here, by email or on our support forum.

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