Thursday 4 September 2014

Become part of a learning community

At Lexicum we know how important it is to get support while learning. Be it a teacher that knows what's right and what's wrong, or be it a friend to hold conversations with, it always helps when you have someone to discuss with. In educational research they call it cognitive scaffolding, to remind of the way scaffoldings help workers erect buildings. There's no question about the benefits of a learning conversation. Yet, it is not always possible for everyone to attend language classes for years, as students traditionally do. Because of that at Lexicum we are gathering a community of language learners to help one another.

To do that we started organising communities in different languages where people can meet, share interesting links, learn together, discuss and have fun. We have started doing this with an English community around the Lexicum fanpage. The success story of this page made us want to reach out for other communities as well.

This time we wanted not only to have many followers, but also to engage people to take the initiative of their learning and to become leaders. To do this we decided to use Facebook groups rather than pages. This way everyone can post and invite their friends to learn with. We insist that it is not about Lexicum, but about your own learning experiences.

We have now successfully initiated our first language-specific groups. We have a quickly growing group for Bulgarian, and a brand new Spanish group. They are now part of our communities over various platforms.

So no matter whether you are a native speaker using Lexicum, a foreigner learning the local language, or just someone that just wants to meet interesting people and be up to date with the news, join our groups. We guarantee that we will have loads of fun.

Finally, if you want to be one of the first members of a Lexicum group in your language, write a comment here or get in touch with us. We'd be more than happy to organise it for you.

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