Friday 14 November 2014

Last month's winners

As we've announced previously, we like to recognize our most keen learners by giving out awards to the top users each week. Over the course of the last month we've had two users who were bold enough to identify them publicly and the ones who didn't still received a modest award. The current batch of lexicophiles includes Veronica Piutti from Italy and Georgi Bachvarov from Bulgaria. A special call for Hristiana Tomova, who is not only an active learner but is also very active in our learner communities.

In case you haven't heard of these, we run facebook groups for Spanish and Bulgarian speakers and learners. If you'd like to get involved with other learners and there is no group for your language and you feel left out - let us know in the comments, we'll create one for you!

Now a few words about our champs. Veronica is learning English and has 100 words in her vocab book. She works as community manager at Infinite Area and is a keen supporter of startup companies. Georgi is learning Spanish and has astounding 600 words - we'll soon need to come up with some special prize for when he hits 1,000 ;-)
One additional development is that we're getting more and more and repeated winners. For the moment we send out awards for just the first win but apparently we'll need to come up with some new prize category for enduring champions. Stay tuned, we're already planning it and will announce it soon!
Additionally, we're working on features to let you know how does your learning progress register against that of your peers - we already have the point system in place and we'll be adding leaderboards and other tools to see what prizes are you on the way to taking home. If you want to have a say in how this works don't hesitate to give us a shout on our support forum - we take each and every comment into account!

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